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A brief history of blinds


A brief history of blinds

Blinds are ever changing in style, character, texture, quality and durability.

   Throughout the years blinds have evolved dramatically, at one time the thought of blinds would conjour up images of 2 inch wide slats with alternate colours, a popular choice being yellow with blue. During the 50´s venetian blinds were very flimsy, and not to mention noisy, however blinds do date back a lot further than the 50´s.

   The Egyptians tied reeds from the river Nile to create blinds. During the eightieenth century bulky wooden shutters were used, this proved hugely popular to the american market and the shutters are still widely popular today.

Blinds are a very popular home furnishing and selecting the right blinds for your home is essential, with so many different styles and designs to choose from yu are sure to fine the perfect blinds for your home.

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