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Fitting Guide


Downloadable Fitting Instructions
Please note that you will need Adobe PDF Reader to view these files. This can be downloaded by just clicking here. Visit Adobe and download the reader.

Fitting Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  1. Place blind in fitting position and tilt forward to show ladder controls. When fitting the brackets you will need to leave at least 5cms either side of the controls.
  2. Top fixing. Measure the distance that any handles protrude from the frame A. Mark this measurement on the lintel and use it to position the back of the bracket. Mark the positions of holes B and screw bracket into lintel using screws and raw plugs.
  3. Face fixing. Position bracket with the swing arm facing toward you and mark holes B. Screw bracket into place using raw plugs and screws.
  4. Fitting blind. Push swing arm anti clockwise as far as it will go, clip the blind over the bracket, first easing the front lip of the headrail A into place.
  5. Securing blind. Firmly holding the blind headrail, push swing arm clockwise until it locks into place.

Face Fixing Brackets
Fix brackets to wall or window frame as closely as possible to the ceiling or lintel with same spacing as recommended for top fixing brackets.

Top Fixing Brackets
Fix brackets to ceiling or lintel on a line at least 3" (75mm) from the wall or window frame for blinds with 5" (127mm) louvres or 2 1/8"(55mm)for blinds with 3 1/2" (89mm) louvres. End brackets should be about 1 1/2" (40mm) from the ends of the track. Any remaining brackets should be spaced out evenly between these brackets.

Fitting the Track
Remove packing material from track, releasing the cord and chain. (Cord control traverses louvres and chain control rotates them. Track must be fitted into the brackets keeping controls to side ordered. Locate the small lip projecting from brackets into groove in track. Push track up into brackets. Spring clip brackets will hold your track without further adjustment.

Fitting the louvres
Turn hooks so the slots are 90 degrees to the track. Hang louvres keeping all the seams facing in one direction. Your blind is now ready to operate.


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